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                  2020-2021 Consolidated Application for ESSA-Funded Programs

                  Executive Summary ? ? ? ?

                  NYSED has developed the online 2020-21 Consolidated Application for ESSA-Funded Programs to support the timely administration of ESSA-funded programs to local educational agencies (LEAs) across the state.

                  The online applications including the Consolidated Application for ESSA-Funded Programs, Title I School Improvement Grants and other surveys are available to?LEAs?through the?NYSED?Business Portal.


                  (Please note that the forms below, in addition to being accessible on the online portal, are also accessible to download here. However, they must be saved and submitted through the online application portal, as applicable)?

                  Consolidated Application for ESSA-Funded Programs:

                  Consolidated Application Level 1 Addendum:

                  FISCAL INFO

                  Below is the Winter/Spring?2020?schedule of Title Talks?calls – technical assistance that will use informal conference calls facilitated by NYSED staff to provide the field with information about a range of topics related to the implementation of ESSA-funded programs. After a short presentation, participants will have an opportunity to engage in an extended question and answer period with program staff.

                  Registration is NOT required for all events. Please use the link embedded in the title of the session below to access each?event.

                  Title Talks
                  Date Time Topic
                  May 19, 2020
                  9:00 - 10:00 AM

                  Changes to the 2020-21 Consolidated Application?(Recorded Webinar)


                  March 10, 2020
                  10:00 - 11:00 AM Connecting the Consolidated Application and Program Budgets to Monitoring Reviews
                  March 3, 2020
                  10:00 - 11:00 AM Navigating Technical Assistance Resources?(Recorded Webinar)
                  February 25, 2020
                  10:00 - 11:00 AM

                  Title IV, Part A: Tracking the Use of Funds?(Recorded Webinar)

                  ? ? Title I, Part A: Supplement Not Supplant -?POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE
                  ? ? Title II, Part A -?POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE
                  ? ? Private School Consultation?-?POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE


                  HELP DESK

                  Please contact the SEDDAS Help Desk at SEDDAS@nysed.gov to resolve any questions related to user accounts, password resets, the SEDDAS application, and assistance with the Business Portal itself.


                  Please contact the Office of ESSA-Funded Programs at (518) 473-0295 or via email at conappta@nysed.gov if you have any questions or concerns regarding the content of the application/survey.